Thursday, February 21, 2013

Peter Stein and Energy Saving Solutions Retrofit Stan’s Auto


New LED Lights Are the Difference Between “Night and Day” – and Didn’t Cost a Dime Out of Pocket

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions
Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions
Plus, in the case of Stan’s Auto, the reduction in carbon emissions from using LED lights is same as planting 65 acres of trees. The environmental impact should not be underestimated either.
Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 15, 2013
One week after Peter Stein and Energy Saving Solutions installed new energy saving LED lights, the difference has been “night and day” at Stan’s Auto in Loveland, CO.

“Technicians can see what they’re doing better; there are no more shadows and no more dark spots like we had before. It’s been a world of difference,” says the shop’s owner, Stan Barthlama.
The savings are a world of difference, too. Over the useful life of the new, high efficiency LED lights, Stan’s Auto expects to save $62,746.

Best of all, Stan didn’t have to pay a dime out of pocket for the new lights. All costs for the LED lights and installation will be paid from a portion of the energy savings each month – and the rest of the savings will go in his pocket.

“Saving money, especially in this economy, is a huge factor for businesses today,” says Energy Saving Solutions Regional Vice President, Timothy Albers. “There are no out-of-pocket expenses, the lighting lasts for years, and as an avid outdoorsman, I know Stan cares about protecting the environment. That also makes a difference.”

Another difference that is often overlooked is improved employee performance. Improved lighting can increase employee productivity but up to 23%, according to a study commissioned by Philips and undertaken by City University London’s Center for Performance. Often taken for granted, poor lighting may be a bigger problem than employers realize.
An American Society of Interior Designers study determined that 68% of employees complain about the light in their offices. Another Silicon Valley study found that 79% of computer users would like better lighting.

“Unfortunately, lighting is not often a priority for most business owners,” says Peter Stein, Managing Director, Energy Saving Solutions. “But when you have high-efficient, energy-saving LED lights that are proven to help increase employee productivity and owners can cover all the costs with just a portion of the money they save on their energy bill, LED makes a lot of sense.”

“Plus, in the case of Stan’s Auto, the reduction in carbon emissions from using LED lights is same as planting 65 acres of trees,” Stein says. “The environmental impact should not be underestimated either.”

Stan’s Auto installed five different lighting fixtures since 1997; the last lights were installed just two years ago. “So far, the LED lights are the best yet,” Barthlama says. “They have a longer life and we don’t have any of the lighting problems we had before.” The shop replaced 292 T8 fluorescent tubes with state-of-the-art UL listed 19 watt LED tubes and replaced 13 metal halide wall pack fixtures with induction wall pack fixtures.

About Stan’s Auto: The Barthlama family are fourth generation technicians. It all started in the early 1930’s when Stan’s father and grandfather built a Chevy Race car using parts from three different cars. In 1984, Stan’s Auto was established in Loveland, CO by Stan Barthlama and consisted of two bookkeepers, one full-time technician, plus Stan.

Stan’s Auto has since grown into an operation that supports over 20 employees including 7 technicians and three full-time tow drivers. They employ many second and third generation technicians; some have worked here for ten to twenty years. Stan’s Auto operates out of a 17,000 square foot building on 2.5 acres, with a fully operational parts department and large customer lounge.

About Energy Saving Solutions: Based in Miami, FL, Energy Saving Solutions provides businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of all sizes energy efficient LED lighting technology that saves money and helps reduce the environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions.

Energy Saving Solutions also offers a Double-Green Plan that allows organizations to convert to LEDs with no up-front costs; payments are based on a portion of their electrical savings.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peter Stein Energy Saving Solutions Case Study - Le Salon

Peter Stein – Energy Saving Solutions Case Study

Le Salon saves 88% with Energy Saving Solutions

Le Salon – an upscale Hair Salon which has 1500W hairdryers blowing all the time was looking for a way to cool down the interior temperature of their salon without blowing up their electric bill and create better lighting for this aesthetically beautiful salon. They turned to Energy Saving Solutions for the answer. Going from a 50 Watt MR16 to an energy- sipping Energy Saving Solutions 6 Watt LED MR16 was a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want to save 88% on the lighting portion of their electric bill? The place looks amazing and Le Salon owners could not be any happier. Based on this Salon’s hours of operation, these lights will last 13.3 years before anyone gets on a ladder. Now, that’s hot.

The cornerstone of Energy Saving Solutions revolutionary program is a performance contract which enables business enterprises small and large to take advantage of the incredible savings that LED and Induction lights provide with absolutely zero up-front capital cost and guaranteed savings.

Clients share a portion of the savings with Energy Saving Solutions to pay for the lights installed. “Having our clients keep part of the savings means that Energy Saving Solutions clients experience immediate positive monthly cash flow from the moment these highly energy efficient lights are installed.” says Peter Stein, Founder and Managing Director of Energy Saving Solutions. The best part - the LED and Induction lights use only a fraction of the energy than the old ones while providing a healthier environment with a much improved quality of light.

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Helps Hospitals Save Millions with LED Lighting

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions - One of the most important parts of minimizing ongoing costs is to reduce energy and maintenance costs. This is especially true for hospitals, where a 24-hour work schedule mandates continual illumination. In the past, the use of incandescent bulbs has resulted in high-energy costs as well as the frequent replacement of burned out bulbs. Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions helps hospitals save millions with LED lighting by reducing energy and maintenance costs alike. Because of this assistance, many hospitals will find that it is an ideal time to make the transition to an LED based lighting system.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting has a number of benefits for the modern hospital. The power requirements are far lower than those of regular incandescent or neon lights, which can save a hospital millions of dollars every year. In addition, LED lighting is solid-state and can provide years of illumination without replacement. Finally, LED lights produce a strong and steady illumination that minimizes eyestrain, making it ideal for the hospital setting.

Safety Advantages of LED Lighting
Another major advantage of LED lighting is the fact that LED lights cannot shatter like neon or incandescent lights. This is especially important in a hospital, where glass slivers can pose a severe threat to the safety of patients and staff. Additionally the lower power requirements and cool operating temperatures of LED lights eliminate the potential for burns due to skin contact.

Reducing the Cost of Retrofitting to LED Lighting

While LED lights are more expensive than conventional lighting, Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions helps hospitals save millions with LED lighting by permitting them to pay the cost of installation out of their savings. This Double Green Plan allows the hospital to install the LED lighting for no upfront cost, and pay Energy Saving Solutions out of the savings allowed by the LED lighting. Ultimately, this allows the hospital to transition to an economic and power efficient lighting system for free. Finally, in some regions, adopting an environmentally friendly lighting system may allow the hospital to take advantage of tax credits or other types of government incentive programs.

The Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting

In addition to its economic advantages, using LED lighting will dramatically reduce a hospital’s environmental footprint. By lowering the energy the lighting consumes power plant related greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced. Additionally, the longer lifespan of LED lighting systems will help reduce the amount of waste generated by the hospital. Finally, by demonstrating its commitment to the environment, public and private hospitals alike can improve their relationship with the local community.

By reducing the amount of money wasted on obsolete incandescent and neon lighting; a hospital can reduce its monthly operating costs while improving the surroundings for staff and patients alike. Furthermore, by offering effective incentive programs, Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions helps hospitals save millions with LED lighting. Finally, by engaging in economical and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, hospitals can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development even as they improve their ability to deliver excellent patient care.

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Explains Why LED Lights Save Companies Millions

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions - If you've heard of LED lighting recently, you're not alone. The truth is, LED lights have been saving companies millions of dollars each year in energy costs for over a decade now, and you could be next if you're willing to embrace this amazing technology. LED lighting is affordable, efficient, and honestly, it's the wave of the future.

How Can LED Lights Save Your Company Money?

LED lights use light-emitting diodes, and these diodes use far less energy when compared to traditional lighting options, including incandescent and fluorescent lights. In fact, LED lighting can potentially save anywhere from 70 percent to 90 percent over conventional lighting standards. This can ultimately mean that your business is able to save millions of dollars per year depending upon the amount of lights and locations you employ.

The Cost of LED Lighting

While some LED lighting can cost slightly more than traditional lighting, the cost savings in utility bills allow LEDs to pay for themselves. What business owners have to keep in mind is that not only do LED lights save on monthly utility costs, they also save on replacement costs. LED lights typically last up to 11 years each before needing replacement, and this means that even a dollar or two added onto the cost of each bulb is nothing in comparison to the regular cost of replacement with standard bulbs. Additionally, because LEDs are generally protected by strong, solid plastics, the incidences of breakage are far lessened when compared to glass bulbs.

Further Benefits of LED Lighting

Furthermore, LED lights don't use filaments, meaning they are less likely to generate fire hazards under extreme circumstances or power surges. Also, LEDs emit a lesser amount of heat when compared to traditional options, and this means that cooling systems within your business locations have to work less in order to keep your business' temperature regulated during the warmer months or during times of extreme machine usage. Business owners who have conventional lighting can also find easy and cost-effective solutions to retrofit their facilities with LED lighting without having to undergo a huge renovation. In the vast majority of cases, LED lights use the same standard plugs and bases that traditional lighting uses, meaning switching to LED lighting is as easy as installing a new light.

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Explains Why LED Lights Save Companies Millions

If you're interested in saving your company money each month through the use of LED lighting, then you may consider partnering with a green energy professional, such as Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions. As the leader of Energy Saving Solutions, green energy expert Peter Stein from Energy Saving Solutions can help you to plan out an LED lighting system that will not only reduce your energy costs, but will also improve the environment. Remember, the planet only has a finite amount of energy resources, so it's up to you as a businessperson to help conserve these resources for everyone. By switching to LED lighting, you are helping yourself, your business and the community as a whole.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Ensures Great Savings to Supermarket Chains Who Switch To LED Lights

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions
Supermarkets are known for stocking many of your favorite items, but they're also known for consuming a lot of electricity due to lighting requirements. Many supermarkets stay open 24 hours per day, and because many require high-wattage lighting to showcase products and keep customers safe, energy bills for these facilities can often run into the thousands of dollars each month.

Green Lighting is the Solution

If you're a supermarket owner who is wrestling with high energy prices, green lighting is the solution. Green lighting options, including LED lights, can help you to save money and protect the environment, and because many green lighting providers don't require any upfront costs to make the switch, there's no reason not to turn your supermarket's lighting green today.

How Much Can You Save?

Many supermarket owners see savings between 70 and 80 percent within the first month of switching to energy-efficient green lighting, but depending upon how much of your store's lighting you change, you may be able to cut energy costs by as much as 90 percent. Green lighting only requires a fraction of the amount of energy when compared to conventional lighting, so even if you leave your store's lights on 24 hours per day, you could still see significant savings.

Less Heat Means Better Performance

Another major advantage of switching to green lighting is that green lights only put off a fraction of the heat that conventional bulbs do. This means that green lights not only last longer, but they're also safer. Additionally, because green lights put off less heat, your supermarket can save even more money on cooling bills during the warmer months.

Fewer Replacement Costs

As mentioned, green lighting lasts much longer than conventional lighting, but many people don't realize just how much longer. A typical LED bulb will continue to offer consistent performance for up to 11 years, and this ultimately cuts down on replacement costs for supermarket owners. LEDs are also housed in durable plastic casings, meaning they won't break as easily as conventional glass bulbs.

Protecting the Environment

When your supermarket makes the switch to energy-efficient green lighting, you can also take pride in the fact that your supermarket is doing its part to save the environment. Conventional lighting solutions require large amounts of energy in order to perform, and this means that power companies need to burn fossil fuels, such as oil, in order to create more energy. By using green lighting, your supermarket will be consuming a fraction of the power that it was before, meaning the power company will need to destroy less precious resources in order to give your store the same amount of energy.
Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Ensures Great Savings to Supermarket Chains Who Switch to LED Lights

If you'd like to find out more information about how your supermarket could benefit from green lighting, a green energy expert, such as Peter Stein, can help. Green energy experts can offer you a variety of options for your store's unique needs, and with no upfront costs, you can be saving in no time.

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Announces the Double Green Plan to Convert To LEDs with No Upfront Costs

Everyone knows that saving energy can save you money, but many people don't realize that saving energy can actually save the planet. The fact is, energy is created using energy, so even if you're using a renewable resource, such as electricity, that resource often has to be created using a non-renewable resource, such as fossil fuels. Unfortunately, non-renewable resources only rise in cost with time, and because they are non-renewable, they will eventually run out. As a result, more and more business owners are turning to green energy solutions to not only save some cash, but also to do their part in saving the environment.

How Green Energy Saves Business Owners Money

Green energy solutions, such as LED lighting, use far less energy in order to output the same amount as traditional lighting solutions, therefore there is less stress and need placed upon energy producers. This then translates into financial savings because energy producers no longer need to spend as much to produce energy, and many business owners who switch their lighting to green lighting can see savings of up to 90 percent. This is especially good news as the national and global economies continue to remain shaky.

How Green Energy Helps Business Owners Save the Planet

As mentioned, it takes energy to make energy, but by using green technologies, energy producers don't need nearly the resources to create the same amount of energy. This then means that more non-renewable resources will be available to everyone, and the planet won't have to suffer as a result. Energy producers often have to destroy delicate and invaluable natural environments in order to obtain non-renewable resources, but because these types of resources aren't needed in abundance when producing green energy, the planet and its natural beauty can be better protected.

How to Make the Switch to Green Lighting Solutions

If you'd like to switch your business' lighting over to green lighting, the process is quite simple. Because the vast majority of green lighting solutions employ the same base fitting designs and configurations as conventional lighting, changing things over may be as simple as wiring up new fixtures and installing new energy-efficient light bulbs. You can do this on your own, but most business owners who make the switch from conventional lighting to green lighting find that they benefit more from partnering with a green energy specialist.

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Announces the Double Green Plan to Convert to LEDs with No Upfront Costs

One such specialist is Peter Stein, of Energy SavingSolutions. Peter Stein can help your business to find more efficient ways to light your workspaces and facilities, and he can also show you how to do this with no upfront costs. This means that your business can begin saving money without having to spend a dime, making the switch an even better idea. Energy Saving Solutions is dedicated to saving customers money and protecting the environment, and its experts will be happy to speak with you about your green energy needs.

Peter Stein and Energy Saving Solutions Save Companies Money with Green Lighting

Peter Stein (Energy Saving Solutions) Insights on Green Lighting

If you're a business owner, you already know how expensive energy costs can be, and you also know that one of your most expensive energy costs comes from your business' lighting. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, the costs associated with your lighting can easily reach into the thousands of dollars each month, and as you add additional lighting, the numbers only rise. Thankfully, there are now green lighting solutions to help you save money and to help your business to be more energy efficient.

What is Green Lighting?

Green lighting refers to lighting solutions that use less energy when compared to traditional lighting options, and these solutions can save your business money. For example, many businesses use incandescent bulbs to keep things lit, but by switching to new LED technologies, these same businesses can experience a substantial savings on their utility bills, often up to 90 percent. In addition, because green lighting uses less energy, it requires fewer resources from the planet, and this helps everyone.

Are Green Lighting Solutions Comparable?

Unfortunately, many business owners are reluctant to switch to green lighting options because they fear that the new products will not be as good as the ones they're used to. The fact is, however, that new green lighting technologies not only perform as well as traditional lighting, but in many cases, it even outperforms old lighting. Using the latest in cutting-edge energy technology, green lighting manufacturers are able to offer a superior product at a lesser cost.

Benefits of Green Lighting for Your Business

If you're one of those business owners who are questioning the benefits of green lighting, you need to know that the vast majority of such products outlast traditional lighting options by years. Because green lighting uses less energy and heat, it doesn't suffer from burnout like incandescent lighting does, and green lighting is often much more durable when compared to traditional lighting options. Many green lighting solutions feature hardened clear or colored plastic casings instead of glass, making these solutions less likely to break on impact or during a power surge.

Additional Benefits of Peter Stein's Energy Saving Solutions

Green lighting solutions, such as LED, don't use filaments, therefore there's less of a chance for a fire, and they also hold up in extreme temperatures. For business owners who need a number of lights in one place, noise can be a problem, but through the use of green lighting, no humming is produced, even when a large number of lights are used in a small area. Finally, green lighting solutions are great for producing a full-spectrum white light, and this is perfect for retail outlets or warehouses. Peter Stein and Energy Saving Solutions Save Companies Money with Green Lighting If you'd like to find out how your business can take advantage of green lighting, a professional, such as Peter Stein, of Energy Savings Solutions, can help. Green lighting experts will be able to evaluate the unique needs of your business, and from there, they can recommend green lighting solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Once you've found the right green lighting solutions for your business, a green lighting company can also deliver and install your lighting quickly to help you start experiencing the benefits of green lighting quickly.