Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peter Stein Energy Saving Solutions Case Study - Le Salon

Peter Stein – Energy Saving Solutions Case Study

Le Salon saves 88% with Energy Saving Solutions

Le Salon – an upscale Hair Salon which has 1500W hairdryers blowing all the time was looking for a way to cool down the interior temperature of their salon without blowing up their electric bill and create better lighting for this aesthetically beautiful salon. They turned to Energy Saving Solutions for the answer. Going from a 50 Watt MR16 to an energy- sipping Energy Saving Solutions 6 Watt LED MR16 was a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want to save 88% on the lighting portion of their electric bill? The place looks amazing and Le Salon owners could not be any happier. Based on this Salon’s hours of operation, these lights will last 13.3 years before anyone gets on a ladder. Now, that’s hot.

The cornerstone of Energy Saving Solutions revolutionary program is a performance contract which enables business enterprises small and large to take advantage of the incredible savings that LED and Induction lights provide with absolutely zero up-front capital cost and guaranteed savings.

Clients share a portion of the savings with Energy Saving Solutions to pay for the lights installed. “Having our clients keep part of the savings means that Energy Saving Solutions clients experience immediate positive monthly cash flow from the moment these highly energy efficient lights are installed.” says Peter Stein, Founder and Managing Director of Energy Saving Solutions. The best part - the LED and Induction lights use only a fraction of the energy than the old ones while providing a healthier environment with a much improved quality of light.

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